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Well-being and re-balancing massage


Full body oil massage
45 minutes, 60€


Facial massage with oils or creams
35 minutes, 40€


Head oil massage
35 minutes, 40€


Hand and foot oil massage
35 minutes, 40€

Local treatments:


Neck pain treatment
35 minutes, 40€


Lower back pain treatment
35 minutes, 40€


Painful knee treatment
35 minutes, 40€


Therapeutic massages:

Beauty masks - anti-wrinckle treatment - therapeutic foot massage.

Massage with herbal baglets and
hot oil according to pathologies

Hot stone massages

This ayurvedic practice lies even closer to nature,
as currently applied in the jungle by the native populations,
in which conditions ADI Ayurveda provides a simple way to enhance health.
Price upon request


What is Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda is the natural Indian healing system dating back to at least 3000 BC.
This sanscrit term is composed of two words « Ayu » and « Veda »,
meaning life and knowledge.
So the two words combine to give the meaning
« the science of life » or « the global comprehension of the universe ».
Originating in Vedic Science, covers yoga, meditation, massage, ang herbal healing.
Ayurveda concentrates on the complete discovery of a being
( physical and mental constitution, lifestyle…) endeavouring to stay in line with nature.
Ayurveda is the wisdom to evaluate appropriate and unappropriate elements part of life.
It is also a system of medecine axed on the causes of illness rather than the symptoms.
According to Ayurveda, health is not merely considered to be
a state of freedom concerning feeding or disease,
but rather a state of enjoying uninterrupted
physical, mental and spiritual happiness and fulfillment.
Nonwithstanding the condition of other parts of his body, during treatment,
the condition of the mind and soul are also taken in account,
chances of recurrence of the disease are rare.
Ayurvedic medecines have no side effects,
and all the ayurvedic practices and massages
can be applied equally to patients and healthy persons.
In the case of patients, they cure the affection ;
in the case of healthy individuals,
they enhance immunity against disease and thereby preserve health.


The Tridosha concept

Tri= 3 Doshas= the components transferred to all body functions.
Ils se nomment : VATA, PITHA, KAPHA


Good balance = GOOD HEALTH

movement, breathing, nervous system

digestion, transformation, sharpness of mind, body heat.

structure, sturdiness, strength, immune system support.

   VATA : dry, light, cold, rough, subtle(fine) and unsteady.
   PITHA : slightly onctuous, sharp, hot, light, subtle, foul smell, liquid.
   KAPHA : onctuous, cold, heavy, slow, thick(dense), stable.

   They are composed of the Panchamahabhutas (structural elements of the universe) :

   AAKASH : space, sound, ears, space (ether).
   VAYU  : air, touch, skin, movement.
   AGNI  : fire, vision, eyes, energy.
   JALA  : water, taste, tongue, connection.
   PRITHVI  : earth, smell, nose, sturdiness.

It is a very basic and simple way to improve every one's health by :
1- breathing only through your nose. Keep your mouth closed.
2- when you walk, maintain your feet in a straight line.
3- drink sufficiently, according to your body weight ( for 50 kg = 2 liters of water, tea...).
4- hemoglobin : eat iron- rich food such as sesame seeds, dates, lamb......
5- sleeping : always rest on you side, not on your back or tummy ( NEVER ), with mouth closed.

Respecting this simple advice, your health will improve surprisingly.
All massages are done with grape- seed or castor oil.
They include streching exercices and give relief to more severe pathologies.
Minimum massage time 35 minutes= 40€.



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